Find out more about the research we are doing in the Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics group!

Here are some posters to give you a general idea of what we do in the group (available in English and dutch):

Virtual Lab tour

Here is a brief virtual lab tour (recorded in 2020), showing some of our femtosecond laser setup and the isomer-resolved dynamics machine.

You can find a virtual lab-tour of the entire Spectroscopy of Cold Molecules department here.

Also check out our gallery for photos from the lab and recent posters from the group.

Media coverage

Some of our research has been picked up by media outlets!

Original Publications

See more on the publications page

Popular science articles

Daniel is also available for outreach talks at (high)schools, in both English and German. Get in touch if you are interested!


Saskia joins for MSc internship

Saskia joins the group for her MSc internship, working on our photoelectron-photoion coincidence spectrometer. Welcome!
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Jantijn joins for BSc internship

Jantijn joins the group for his BSc internship, working on imaging photoelectron circular dichroism. Welcome!
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Beamtime at Artemis

Grite is off to the UK for beamtime at the HHG Artmis facility (CLF, STFC) at Rutherford Appleton Lab – good luck!
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New laser installed!

A brand new toy in the lab: our high rep-rate, high power femtosecond laser system is installed and ready to go!
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New paper in JPCA

Ana’s new paper combining coincidence imaging with femtosecond REMPI spectroscopy in oxygen is now online in JPCA – https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.jpca.1c05541
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